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World Oldest Mother

News Photo     3:59 PM    

Grandmother Omkari Panwar has given birth to twins at the age of 70.

She was utterly determined to have a son.The fact that to do so would make 70-year-old Omkari Panwar the world's oldest mother didn't even cross her mind.Her resolve was matched by her husband Charan Singh Panwar, 77.

Proud parents: Omkari Panwar, 70, with her husband Charan, 77

Omraki Panwar recovers in hospital after delivering her twin via Caesarean section

The world's oldest mum, who gave birth to twins at 70 after IVF, proudly showed off her son, then admitted: 'Now I've got another daughter to feed too.'Omkari Panwar, and her husband Charan Singh Panwar, 77, underwent IVF all for the sake of producing a male heir to take over the family's smallholdings.The elderly Indian couple, who already have two daughters in their thirties, and five grandchildren, are near destitute after mortgaging their land, selling their buffalo and taking out a loan for the 4,400 fertility treatment.

Omkari and her twins (a boy with white hat and a girl) on the day after they were discharged from hospitalNow the pensioner parents will rely on family handouts and the charity of fellow villagers to bring up the little boy they so wanted, and the little girl they didn't.But the Panwars, who live in a tiny community in Uttar Pradesh, North India, were delighted to finally see and hold their two babies, now weighing a healthy 4lbs, six weeks after they were born on June 27.'We have not been able to see or hold them all this time," said frail Omkari. "They had to stay in the hospital because they were so small.'We could not afford to stay there, so we had to leave them.' And she added: 'We paid all this money to the doctors for a son, but now we have the extra burden of another daughter as well.' Boys are cherished in India because daughters are not allowed to inherit property but leave to marry and become part of their new husband's family.The twins were born at 34 weeks by emergency caesarian section at a hospital in the nearest town of Muzaffarnagar.They weighed just 2lbs each and had to be rushed to the Jaswant Roy Speciality Hospital which has a neonatal intensive care unit.

The twins were born at 34 weeks by caesarian section and weighed just 2lb eachOmkari, who saw her babies just once, a week after their birth, said: 'I could only just touch them lightly with my fingers.'They were so tiny, they would have fit into the palm of my hand.' The Panwars had to scrape together a further 500 to pay for part of their children's medical care and are now almost penniless.Their little boy is now likely to take over a tiny piece of land with a large mortgage still to pay on it.But Charan insists the cost was worthwhile, after he became a laughing stock in his village because he had no son to carry on the family name.'I've finally got what I wanted and I can die a happy man now,' said Charan.'My wife will look after the babies when I am gone, and after she dies my other daughters will care for them.'It will be an honour for them to raise their new brother.'Now my daughters will have a family home to return to on religious days and special occasions.' It is tradition for sons to remain in the parental home with their wives. On festival days the daughters of the family come to visit with their own husbands and children.Villagers welcomed the jubilant pair back to the village, which lies 20km from Muzaffarnagar, with numerous gifts for the new babies.The twins will be named at a special Hindu ceremony next week when the whole community will celebrate their arrival into the world.'It is customary to name the babies after two weeks," said Omkari, who does not have a birth certificate, but insists she is 70-years-old.'We have not seen the babies all this time, so we haven't been able to hold the naming ceremony.'Now, we can arrange one, but cannot reveal their names until that day.' Omkari suffered a personal heartbreak more than 40 years ago as a much younger woman, when she miscarried a baby boy.'For more than 40 years I have thought God did not think I was fit to produce a boy,' she said. 'But fate works in funny ways. It must have been meant to be that I waited all this time.' The couple do not even understand the fertility procedures carried out to allow Omkari to give birth so long after going through the menopause.It is likely donor eggs were used to allow her to carry a child, but the Panwars simply do not know what happened when they went to a fertility clinic in Meerut last year.Omkari, who remembers being nine when India gained independence in 1947, said: 'We saw a doctor at the Baby Shastri Nursing Home and I was given treatment.'Later we were told I was carrying twins, a boy and a girl.' Screening embryos to discover the sex of the baby is illegal in India, following the outlawing of female foeticide - the aborting of girls - more than 10 years ago.The couple do not even know such medical techniques exist and they do not think anything was specifically done to ensure they would have a boy.'We just count ourselves blessed that we have a boy. We prayed for it to happen,' said Charan.'We don't know how. We're just glad the doctor was right, and we do have a son.' The world's previous oldest mothers were Romanian Adriana Iliescu, who gave birth to a daughter, aged 66 and 320 days in May 2005, and Spanish woman Carmela Bousada, who was 66 and 358 days old when her twins were born in December 2006.Omkari does not care that she has broken the world record and said: 'If I am the world's oldest mother it means nothing to me.'I just want to be with my new babies and care for them while I am still able.'

Michael Jackson Glove sold for just under 30,000

News Photo     4:38 PM    
Michael Jackson Glove sold for just under 30,000

A white glove once worn by Michael Jackson has been sold for just under 30,000 at an auction in Australia. The singer threw the jewel-encrusted glove into the crowd, during a visit to Sydney in 1996.

Music collector Bill Hibble caught it, but the item has now been sold to the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, where it will go on display. It's thought to be the first Michael Jackson glove to go on sale since he died on 25 June.

Michael Jackson Glove sold for just under 30,000

Michael Jackson Glove sold for just under 30,000

Michael Jackson Glove sold for just under 30,000

Michael Jackson Glove sold for just under 30,000

The Head office of Facebook- Photo Collection

News Photo     4:36 PM    
The Head office of Facebook- Photo Collection

Employees of Facebook based in the new office in Palo Alto, California since 2009. And A big thanks goes to the joint efforts of the design studios of Studio O + A, Virginie Manichon, KPFF Consulting Engineers, Air Systems Inc., Elcor Electric and Brightworks for a stylish and unique interior. The design of the main office is fully reflects the essence of the company as a social network of people, Take a Look.

The Head office of Facebook- Photo Collection

The Head office of Facebook- Photo Collection

The Head office of Facebook- Photo Collection

The Head office of Facebook- Photo Collection

The Head office of Facebook- Photo Collection

The Head office of Facebook- Photo Collection

The Head office of Facebook- Photo Collection

The Head office of Facebook- Photo Collection

The Head office of Facebook- Photo Collection

The Head office of Facebook- Photo Collection

The Head office of Facebook- Photo Collection

The Head office of Facebook- Photo Collection

The Head office of Facebook- Photo Collection

The Head office of Facebook- Photo Collection

The Head office of Facebook- Photo Collection

The Head office of Facebook- Photo Collection

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10 Amazing Staircases Around the World

News Photo     3:25 AM    

1. Spiral Stair (Australia)
Fascinating spiral stairs at Garvan Institute in Sydney, Australia. 6.5 revs and five stories from top to bottom.

2. Spiral Staircase at the Vatican Museum (Italy)

The Vatican Museums spiral staircase is one of the most photographed in the world, and certainly one of the most beautiful. Designed by Giuseppe Momo in 1932, the broad steps are somewhere between a ramp and a staircase. The stairs are actually two separate helixes, one leading up and the other leading down, that twist together in a double helix formation. Little did theVatican Museum know in 1932 that this formation would come to represent life itself, with the discovery of the double helical DNA strand.

3. Loretto Chapel Staircase (USA)

The Loretto Chapel is a chapel in Santa Fe, New Mexico, known for its unusual spiral staircase that is an exceptional work of carpentry. The construction and builder of the staircase are considered a miracle by the Sisters of Loretto and many who visit it, because it had no central support (a support was added later). The resulting staircase is an impressive work of carpentry. It ascends twenty feet, making two complete revolutions up to the choir loft without the use of nails or apparent center support. It has been surmised that the central spiral of the staircase is narrow enough to serve as a central beam. Nonetheless there was no attachment unto any wall or pole in the original stairway. Instead of metal nails,the staircase was constructed using dowels or wooden pegs. The wood for the staircase cannot be found anywhere in the region. The stairs had 33 steps, the age of Jesus when he died. The mystery had never been satisfactorily solved as to who the carpenter was or where he got his lumber, since there were no reports of anyone seeing lumber delivered or even seeing the man come and go whilethe construction was being done. Since he left before the Mother Superior could pay him, the Sisters of Loretto offered a reward for the identity of the man, but it was never claimed.

Note: some historians claime that most of this story is a MYTH.

4. Tulip Staircase at the Queen's House (England)
The elegant Tulip Stairs in the Queen's House are the first geometric self-supporting spiral stairs in Britain. Although called the 'Tulip Stairs,' it is thought that the stylized flowers in the wrought-iron balustrade are actually fleurs-de-lis, as this was the emblem of the Bourbon family of which Queen Henrietta Maria (wife of Charles I) was a member. The Tulip Stairs are also the location of the Rev R. W. Hardy's famous 'ghost' photograph taken on 19 June 1966, which when developed revealed what appear to be two or three shrouded figures onthe staircase.

5. Staircase at Lello Bookshop (Portugal)
This interesting grand staircase in Lello Bookshop in Portugal stands ominous and heavy. The steps are like two channels pouring and swirling to a single point. The side view gives you a closer idea of the immense curves and giddy sinking feeling to each step.

6. San Francisco's Tiled Steps - World's Longest Mosaic Stair (USA)
The 16th Avenue Tiled Steps, perhaps the world's longest mosaic staircase (163 steps, 82' high), was conceived and fabricated by Irish ceramicist Aileen Barr and San Francisco mosaic artist Colette Crutcher. Over a two and a half year period, a tireless group of neighbors raised funds and lobbied city government to make the project, unveiled in August 2005, a reality. Over 2000 handmade tiles and 75,000 fragments of tile, mirror and stained glass went into the finished piece, located at 16th Ave. and Moraga, in San Francisco.

7. Umschreibung - KPMG Building Munich (Germany)
This artistic staircase designed by Olafur Eliasson is called Umschreibung (Rewriting), and was completed in 2004. It's in the courtyard of the global accounting firm KPMG in Munich.

8. Stairs at the Longchamp Store (New York)
Constructed in 1 hot-rolled steel and taking six months to be built, the sta ir landscape weighs 55 tons and is an installation of ribbon-like forms that divide and converge to form a topography of walkways, landings and steps.

9. Vertigo Staircase at the QVB Building (Australia)
This image shows The Grand Staircase" of Sydney's Grand Queen Victoria Building. This building, now affectionately known as the QVB, wasdesigned by George McRae and completed in 1898, replacing the original Sydney markets on the site. Built as a monument to the long reigning monarch, construction took place in dire times, as Sydney was in a severe recession. The elaborate Romanesque architecture was specially planned for the grand building so the Government could employ many out-of-work craftsmen  stonemasons, plasterers, and stained window artists  in a worthwhile project.

10. Bridge-stair at the Traversinertobel (Switzerland)

The bridge over the Traversinertobel, a side valley of the Via Mala, is the latest structure of this kind designed by engineer Jrg Conzett and his associate Rolf Bachofner . They solved the problem of connecting two different elevations over the gorge by creating a staircase.The staircase replaces a rope bridge for hikers that was wiped out by a rock slide. This suspended footbridge spans a distance of 56 metres, with a difference in height of 22 metres between the two ends

Top 10 Tough Laws in the World

News Photo     2:41 PM    

Ignorance is no defense  especially when it comes to ignorance of the laws in countries you plan to visit. While it may seem natural to study some of the general customs and laws in major foreign countries you might not expect, for example, to have to look for strange law changes in somewhere like Florida. Most places in the world are relatively easy to get along in. Some strange laws are nothing more than folklore. Every once in a while, though, you re going to run into something a bit off the wall and it s important for you to be prepared in advance.


In Italy it is illegal to feed the pigeons. Ok, thats a bit of a blanket statement. The rule actually has the potential to change from city to city. Make sure you leave the pigeons alone while youre in Venice, though  the locals are tired of cleaning up pigeon poop. You ll also want to avoid jumping into fountains, walking around without your shirt on (would you DO that as a tourist), and sitting on the sidewalk to eat your lunch. Fines range from a warning to monetary infractions anywhere from $50 to $600.


Before you leave for the United Arab Emirates youll want to make sure you arent visiting during Ramadan. During that time you are not allowed to eat or drink in public during fasting hours (ie. daylight hours) at all. Think were kidding? Tourists have been fined up to $275 for drinking juice in public. Avoid public displays of affection as well unless you want to spend a few months in jail.


Ever have the urge to empty your piggy bank of quarters and run down to the corner store? Dont do it in Canada. The Currency Act of 1985 prohibits consumers from using unreasonable amounts of coins to pay for purchases. This means you cant pay for an item in all coins (especially if its over $10). Even the use of dollar-coins is limited. The shop owner has the right to choose whether or not he wants to take your coins but doesnt have to.


In the beautiful city of Moscow it is illegal to drive a dirty car. The definition of dirty, however, is up in the air. Is a dirty car one on which you can draw pictures in the dust? Does it hide the license plate? Does it make the driver invisible? We suppose youll find out if the police poll you over but the fines tend to be whatever the police decide to charge you  unless, of course, you offer him a bit of cash.


Studies in Denmark have shown that vehicles with their headlights on are more noticeable by other drivers than those who have their headlights off. Youd think this law would apply to night driving but it doesnt. Drivers here are required to leave their headlights on during the day as well or may face a fine of up to $100.


Youve heard of the Autobahn, right? The notorious German road where there are no speed limits? Make sure you fill your gas tank BEFORE you get on this daunting road. Its illegal to pull over on the side of this road for any reason and, if you do, its illegal to get out and walk. You are, after all, endangering the lives of the people who are still driving at warp speeds.


In Thailand it is illegal to drive a car or motorcycle without a shirt on  regardless of how hot it is that day. Punishments range from verbal warnings to tickets costing about $10. This is no joke  the local police will pull you over.


Love died a little bit on April 5th of 1910. Lovers spend so much time kissing each other goodbye at train stations that trains were actually running late. The law is relatively old, though, and really isnt enforced today  in France, that is. In Warrington Bank Quay in England, however, youll be asked to move your goodbyes to the kissing zone.


The folks at Grenada really do have a point. Cruisers visiting the beaches for day excursions have taken to strolling city streets in nothing but their bathing suits. In order to reign in a sense of decency, the city has instituted a fine for those who arent wearing decent clothing off of the beaches. Fines can reach up to $270 but the local tourist boards would like you to believe that the law is not enforced. Perhaps its best to simply cover up rather than trying to find out for yourself.


Those with gum chewing habits may want to call it quits before heading to Singapore. The government really wants to keep the city clean and will fine you for chewing gum, feeding the birds (it causes poop) and forgetting to flush a public toilet. The only legal gum you can chew is Nicorette but you have to get it from a doctor and they will give your name to government officials to confirm youre allowed to have a wad in your mouth. These arent the only strange laws around the world but theyre certainly worth noting. Make sure you do your research before leaving on your next trip. Better safe than sorry!

I got this stuff via mail from our Blog vistor, I dont know this true or ...? Its all depend on you friends, These arent the only strange laws around the world but theyre certainly worth nothing. Make sure you do your research before leaving on your next trip. Better safe than sorry!

Longest Hairs

News Photo     7:43 AM    
Longest Hairs

The number one problem affecting long hair is breakage, usually seen as shorter, fly-away strands, or split ends. From the moment you wake up to the time you go to sleep and even as you sleep, there are many factors that can lead to hair breakage.

One of the most common causes is poor maintenance  things like improper brushing and washing and infrequent trimming. Lifestyle factors, such as poor nutrition, stress and even restless sleeping can also lead to hair damage.

The problem is that what many women think is good for their hair may actually be hurting it. Through proper care using simple techniques and the right maintenance products, anyone can have long, beautiful, healthy locks.

The Long Hair Care Group recommends the following:

Finger Raking
Upon waking, use the back of the hand, run fingers through hair to remove snarls and tangles.

Proper Brushing
Bend forward, allowing hair to fall. Using only a wooden base natural bristle brush, such as our Long Hair Brush, bring hair from the nape of the neck over the head and down to the ends. Then, stand straight again with hair falling normally and brush from the underside of the hairline down the strands to the ends. Now, brush the top layers into place with long, even strokes. After each stroke, smooth hair with hands to reduce static. Increase the number of strokes weekly, starting with five and increasing by one a week until you find a comfortable routine. If oiliness develops, reduce strokes.
Brush only when dry. Hair is weakest when it is wet and brushing can easily damage it. Even when hair is dry always comb before brushing.

Separate hair into small sections. With a wide-tooth comb, such as our Long Hair Comb, carefully work from the ends in a downward direction only. Use only a wooden or tortoise shell comb  never rubber. Do not pull or yank hair.

Air-dry whenever possible.

Use regular hair rollers, winding hair loosely around them. Avoid electric rollers, hot combs, and curling irons, or use these on a cool setting. Pin curls or barrel curls are the safest and fastest methods of drying hair.

If your hair is dry and brittle, wet hair, then coat with a light conditioner before shampooing, such as our Time Released Moisturizer. This acts as a buffer and helps protect the hair strand. Then begin shampoo by removing dirt through gentle sudsing. We recommend using our Body Essence Shampoo, which is specially formulated with natural botanicals and designed to clean the hair without stripping away its natural oils. Massage your head to increase the blood supply to the scalp and roots. On an as need basis, we recommend using our Detoxifying Shampoo to remove unwanted residues from styling products and the environment.

Before going out to the beach or pool, comb conditioner such as our Seaweed Pac, through the hair. This helps to protect hair from the sun, chlorine, salt water, and from the sun's heat, and serves as a deep conditioning treatment.
Wear a hat, cap or scarf if you can to protect hair from over-exposure to the sun, salt or chlorinated water, wind and air pollution.

Have hair trimmed on a regular basis (approximately every two months). This is especially important for growing out layers and/or bangs to reshape and make each stage of growing hair out a style.

Always apply conditioner from the ears down  never condition the scalp. Do not over-condition.
Conditioning too often can cause the cuticle layer of hair to lift making hair brittle and leading to breakage. Rather than conditioning every day, try our All Purpose Aloe Detangler, for snarl free combing.

Your hair style is a reflection of your personality and a wonderful way to express your individuality. All too often conventional styling products contain alcohol or other harsh chemicals. These ingredients are used to keep the hair in place and to give the appearance of shiny healthy hair. In the case of these mass-marketed products the look achieved is only surface deep and they tend to damage the hair. The Long Hair Care Group has developed a highly specialized line of styling products which not only makes your hair look great, they impart essential botanicals and vitamins to each strand, conditioning your hair as they hold it in place and body and give it incredible shine.

Even the way you sleep can affect your hair. Restless sleepers may actually be breaking hair as they sleep.

If you're a restless sleeper, try a satin pillowcase so that the hair glides when you move in your sleep. On regular cotton cases hair can get caught and break.
Putting hair up to sleep is also helpful. Hair should be put in a ponytail on top of the head. Always use rubberbands that are rapped in cloth, commonly known as "scrunchies."

Uses of Cars in Advertising - Creative Ads Photos

News Photo     7:32 AM    
Sony Grass Car

To celebrate Sonys commitment to offsetting carbon emissions caused by their corporate travel, they created a living breathing grass car and parked it around various public locations in Sydney, Australia.

Formula 1 Bus Stop

This awesome F1 themed bus stop was used to promote Formula 1s first ever night race in Singapore.

F1 Car on a Building

Cool Formula 1 advertisement promotes Turkish F1 Grand Prix.

Mercedes Car Billboard

Mercedes marketing team managed to put a real car on a billboard.

SMART Car Vending Machine

Real SMART car was placed in a giant vending machine in Japan.

K-Swiss Car Advertisement

Great cross promotion between K-Swiss and a tennis tournament resulted in this fantastic ad campaign.

Motorola RAZR Car Advertisement

Giant Motorola RAZR cell phone smashed into a car in Russia.

Universal Studios King Kong Advertisement

Large footprints were left in the sand on Santa Monica beach, complete with a crushed vehicle, to promote new King Kong 3-D attraction.

Denver Water Car

Clever water saving awareness campaign in Denver reminds people to use only what they need.

Alfa Romeo Shopping Cart

As part of a clever promotion campaign in Belgiums busiest shopping centers, Alfa Romeo placed their MiTo cars inside shopping carts.

Nike Car Advertisement

Creative FIFA World Cup advertising campaign by Nike.